Asaca looks to a new leader

Published: WORLD

Asaca looks to a new leader

WORLD: Leader Electronics Corporation has signed an exclusive agreement with Asaca Corporation making it the master distributor Asaca Shibasoku's portfolio of broadcast-related products. The agreement covers all countries with the exception of China and Korea.

Asaca is a manufacturer of a wide range of equipment used in television studios and sound studios, including 4K interfaces such as the DUX-205 4K upconverter, DUX-206 4K downconverter, UX-21 bidirectional 12G-SDI/quad-3G-SDI 12 UHD converters, test signal generators and signal analysers, plus the Shibasoku VC7 motion-compensated multi-format standards converter.

In addition to the distribution agreement, Leader has announced plans to strengthen its own global sales structure in new territories in response to the worldwide expansion of digital broadcasting. This will reportedly include plans to promote sales in more than 60 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe and South East Asia, supported by its UK and Singapore bases and US subsidiaries.

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