Biamp Audia for Technicians course launches online

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Biamp Audia for Technicians course launches online

WEB: Systems integrators and A/V technicians are now able to follow an online self-paced course from Biamp Systems, aimed at teaching how best to operate and maintain an Audia digital audio platform. Named Audia for Technicians, the course also offers two renewal units toward the InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential.

Audia for Technicians is described by Biamp as providing ‘the knowledge and tools needed for providing maintenance and making minor modifications’ to existing AudiaFlex and Nexia systems. It covers topics such as hardware, configuration software, connectivity layers for communicating with hardware, and how peripheral devices such as audio expanders and controllers impact the overall A/V system. In addition, participants will learn how multiple Audia and Nexia systems transmit sound between each other.

‘Audia installations continue to power audio for facilities around the globe, creating the need for us to broaden the training available to meet the continued learning needs of the industry,’ said Kiley Henner, Biamp’s director of customer experience. ‘Targeted at professionals tasked with operating and maintaining an Audia system, the Audia for Technicians online training course provides valuable knowledge on how to successfully leverage and maintain the benefits of our networked audio solution.’

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