BrightSign continues along Tightrope

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BrightSign continues along Tightrope

WORLD: Tightrope Media Systems and BrightSign have expanded the scope of integration between their systems to now encompass the latter’s entire product line. The two companies struck an initial partnership in 2014 to lower the cost of deploying large Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage networks, with BrightSign’s XD media players. This was expanded upon in 2015 to introduce H.264 video streaming support, faster HTML5 and graphics processing and media player synchronisation for video walls to BrightSign’s XD2 players.

As the terms of the partnership increase again, Tightrope's Carousel Digital Signage solution is now compatible with all BrightSign players, including Series 3 players such as the LS423. ‘The integration between Tightrope’s recently released Carousel 7.0 software and the LS423 player echoes the core strategy of partnership – keeping costs manageable for customers,’ said BrightSign’s VP of marketing, Ann Holland.

‘We anticipate even greater interest from a wider customer base as we broaden our integration strategy to span deployments of any size,’ added Eric Henry, president of Tightrope Media Systems. ‘Tightrope and BrightSign have seen great success since coming to market together in 2014, and we continue to attract new customers by giving integrators and end users sensible options for affordable, reliable integrated solutions across content creation, management and playout.’

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