Datapath acquires Mosaiqq

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Datapath acquires Mosaiqq

WORLD: Datapath is aiming to bring optimised collaborative working to the mainstream videowall market through its purchase of Mosaiqq. The strategic acquisition means that Datapath can provide application sharing software for videowall applications.

‘This acquisition underlines the importance we place on the growth of the collaboration market in operation centres and control rooms; in fact in any collaborative business environment,’ said Bjorn Krylander, managing director of Datapath.

With the acquisition of Mosaiqq, Datapath is taking software developed for large multi-national companies and integrating it with its own WallControl 10 product. ‘In effect, we are extending WallControl 10 by adding interactive features that will be highly valuable to control rooms, meeting rooms and collaborative/information sharing environments which have more responsive needs,’ said Mr Krylander. ‘This represents one step on Datapath’s journey to move with purpose into the collaborative marketplace, and customers can expect further developments moving forwards.’

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