DirectOut enters into SoundGrid licensing partnership

Published: WORLD

DirectOut enters into SoundGrid licensing partnership

WORLD: DirectOut has announced an agreement that it has reached with Waves Audio to license the latter’s SoundGrid systems. The connectivity manufacturer has utilised the collaboration to produce a new device with a SoundGrid and Madi interface that will be showcased at the upcoming IBC.

An audio-over-Ethernet networking and processing technology, SoundGrid was developed by Waves to deliver extremely low-latency, high-channel count audio processing. Designed for use in various applications, including within studios, live sound, broadcast and postproduction, it integrates with both analogue and digital mixing consoles.

‘SoundGrid opens up a range of new applications for our customers,’ explained Stephan Flock. ‘We are very excited about the collaboration with Waves and the possibility to integrate SoundGrid into our products. We will be showing the first fruits of our collaboration at IBC, and I am sure it will both expand our current portfolio as well as the scope of applications that we can address.’

‘We are delighted to offer Waves SoundGrid technology to DirectOut and contribute to their development and implementation of future products,’ added Waves’ EVP of sales and marketing, Mick Olesh. ‘This is another step in Waves’ ongoing policy, of refining networking possibilities and enabling our users to benefit from having access to a variety of tools, enhancing their processing capabilities and cater to their specific needs to ensure the highest level of professionalism.’

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