CEDAR's DNS 2 Highly Commended at IABM Peter Wayne awards

Published: WORLD

CEDAR's DNS 2 Highly Commended at IABM Peter Wayne awards

WORLD: CEDAR Audio has been Highly Commended at the IABM Peter Wayne Awards ceremony for design and innovation for the CEDAR DNS 2. The solution was put forward for the award having been a previous winner of the IABM Design and Innovation Award.

‘We never imagined that we would come away with another award, especially against such prestigious competition,’ exclaimed CEDAR Audio's sales director, Clive Osborn. ‘But when I heard the MC's introduction, saying “this is going to change the way that we record audio”, I knew that he was referring to the DNS 2. It's a cliché, I know, but I would really like to thank the IABM for recognising CEDAR Audio and the DNS 2 in this way. We're all really chuffed about this.’

Speaking of the DNS 2, one of the judges commented: ‘Wow – I've needed this many times. The perfect companion for any remote audio kit. This processor will not only be in high demand, but probably become the de-facto standard for field audio pre-processing.’ Another judge added: ‘This small device is a game-changer for edit suites or recordists who need a flexible cost-effective two-channel quick fix for difficult environments.’


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