EAW divides support

Published: WORLD

EAW divides support

WORLD: Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has expanded its customer support team to offer a more efficient service. This has resulted in the division of its customer support into two teams: technical support and applications engineering.

The technical support team comprises a team of technicians who provide assistance in troubleshooting, connectivity and set up, while also answering any product-specific questions customers may have. The applications engineering team offers product recommendations, design assistance, help with the development of Resolution and EASE models and answering advanced product queries.

‘This shift in direction enables our applications engineering team to be more directly focused on customers that need assistance with system designs and complex scenarios, while technical support is organised to manage set up and troubleshooting,’ confirmed Adam Shulman, director of marketing and applications engineering at EAW. ‘By dividing overall customer support into two related groups, we can tune each group to help customers with very specific needs. This will enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring our customers receive direct and rapid access to the information they need at critical steps in their business processes.’


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