Five companies go platinum with IABM

Published: WORLD

Five companies go platinum with IABM

WORLD: IABM has seen five companies sign up to its platinum membership since it restructured its membership categories a year ago. Avid, Grass Valley Group, Huawei, Imagine Communications and NEP have all enrolled in its highest level of membership.

The platinum membership is aimed at international companies with a number of staff in the hundreds or thousands, with additional benefits including extra business engagement opportunities. The trade association also notes that it has experienced a 25 per cent growth in its membership across all levels in this time.

‘The additional engagement opportunities that come with Platinum membership will help us build on the growing community of over 600 open connectivity partners that we’ve welcomed to the MediaCentral Platform already,’ commented Jeff Rosica, senior vice president, chief sales and marketing manager at Avid. ‘As a leading technology innovator in the media and entertainment industry, it was a natural step for Avid to become a platinum member of the IABM.’

‘The range of benefits Grass Valley receives as a member, including the annual Global Market Valuation Report, industry research and live events help us remain a key contributor to the broadcast community and make us a better partner for our customers,’ explained senior director, outbound marketing at Grass Valley, David Cohen. ‘There’s really only one organisation that’s providing a forum for suppliers in the broadcast business to meet and share ideas that lead to a better collective understanding of the market – and that’s IABM.’

‘We’re delighted that our platinum members are getting full value from their investment with IABM,’ concluded IABM CEO, Peter White. ‘We exist to serve our members – large and small – in every way we can to support their business needs. We are continuing to actively explore new ways we can further extend our offer to deliver yet more services and value for members.’

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