Grass Valley’s reading corner

Published: WORLD

Grass Valley’s reading corner

WORLD: Grass Valley has added a blog section to its website, giving it the name Tech Corner. The Belden brand aims to deliver relevant content covering a range of topics and tackling a variety of challenges that broadcasters, production professionals and content creators experience.

As the blog grows, it is stated that those who visit will begin to find myriad business tips and knowhow articles, as well as other relevant industry information. Contributors to Tech Corner will include Grass Valley product managers and department leaders and an array of industry experts.

‘The broadcast and production industries are constantly changing and both seasoned and newly rising professionals need reliable resources to keep them up-to-date,’ explained Neerav Shah, senior vice president of strategic marketing at Grass Valley. ‘These new blog pages will give those dedicated to their field a place to learn more about the latest trends and tips with insightful posts by industry thought leaders.’

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