Heinz Schwarz steps down from Fohhn board

Published: WORLD

Heinz Schwarz steps down from Fohhn board

WORLD: Richard Nestel has joined the supervisory board at Fohhn Audio, replacing Heinz Schwarz. Mr Schwarz has served on the board for 16 years alongside Winfried Baumbach and Prof Dr Jörg Knoblauch and been involved with the manufacturer since its inception in 1993. Mr Nestel has served as the manufacturer’s tax advisor for several years.

Mr Schwarz held multiple positions with the company during his tenure and is credited with advising on all major strategic decisions throughout Fohhn’s history, including the development of a successful digital strategy. He also helped to develop the fundamental system concept applied to all Fohhn products.

To bid farewell to Mr Schwarz and welcome Mr Nestel to the supervisory board, a ceremony was conducted at the Fohhn SoundLab. The evening included a performance from string duo Jochen and Katharina Kefer.


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