IABM endorses Streaming Video Alliance

Published: WORLD

IABM endorses Streaming Video Alliance

WORLD: IABM has announced that the Streaming Video Alliance has received accreditation under the IABM ICG (Industry Collaborative Groups) Endorsement Programme. It becomes the sixth organisation to be recognised in this way.

The Streaming Video Alliance encourages collaboration across the online video ecosystem, which includes the development of standards and best practice for an open architecture. It is currently focused on identifying issues and solutions related to open architecture, quality of experience and interoperability.

‘As an association dedicated to collaboration across the entire online video ecosystem, achieving IABM’s ICG endorsement adds credibility to our mission and objectives,’ said Jason Thibeault, executive director of the Streaming Video Alliance. ‘We hope that through this collaboration with IABM, more organisations will rally to the Alliance banner and help us accomplish our goal of bringing clarity and direction to the streaming video industry.’


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