IABM looks to settle The Score

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IABM looks to settle The Score

WORLD: The IABM has launched an international survey to gather industry-wide data on demographics, professional development status and needs and remuneration. The global trade association is calling on ‘everyone involved in the broadcast and media technology industry to participate’ in the research project, which it has named The Score.

The survey will reportedly take between five and 10 minutes to complete and is entirely anonymous. With the results, IABM aims to provide ‘an authoritative, international review of the state of the broadcast and media industry, against which individuals and companies can benchmark themselves’.

The results will be first announced in Kuala Lumpur at the Tom McGann Memorial Summit in March, following which they will be posted in the IABM website along with notes from the trade association’s research analyst, Lorenzo Zanni. IABM plans to repeat the survey every two years.

‘IABM undertakes a wide range of industry research and analysis as part of its services to members, and skills shortages are regularly quoted as a major reason that companies are struggling to develop new products in a timely fashion and win new business,’ explained IABM CEO Peter White. ‘The Score will for the first time provide some hard facts against which individuals and companies can benchmark themselves, and will also provide real direction on where the wider industry needs to concentrate its firepower. It’s a bold initiative from which everyone can benefit.’

To take part in the survey, visit theiabm.org/score.


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