IBC reveals new IP Interoperability Zone

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IBC reveals new IP Interoperability Zone

WORLD: IBC is to launch the IP Interoperability Zone, a new demonstration area, at its annual event at the RAI in Amsterdam. It will be presented for the first time with the cooperation of AIMS and IABM, and includes the work of the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM), which is an initiative comprising AMWA, EBU, SMPTE and VSF, and the AES. A 150 sq-m area in Hall 8 will be given over to the new zone, as it provides a space for visitors to discuss IP workflows with a number of different vendors. It will be open throughout the IBC exhibition, from the 9th to the 13th September.

JT-NM technology has been used as part of the LiveIP Project, a collaboration between VRT, the EBU and LiveIP‘s 12 technology partners. This will be the basis of a live production studio in the IBC feature area.

‘Visitors will be able to see verified technical interoperability over IP from more than 30 companies and the same technology being used in a real production environment,’ explained Michael Cronk, vice president of Core Technology at Grass Valley and chairman of AIMS. ‘It will be a showcase for the reality of the technology and a demonstration that the industry is converging on a common roadmap.’

‘For a number of years now the industry has needed a way forward to collaborate,’ added Peter White, CEO of IABM. ‘It was critical that the industry’s vendors came together to achieve this and at IBC we will see the fruits of the labours of the organisations behind the JT-NM and the Live IP project. We are pleased to be standing alongside AIMS to evidence the real practical progress the industry has achieved through collaboration.’

‘Even just a few months ago, the whole field of IP and interoperability was an alphabet soup of seemingly unrelated organisations,’ Michael Crimp, CEO of IBC commented. ‘The industry has worked hard to bring a critical mass into alignment and IBC was keen to facilitate engagement, focusing around this important contribution to the future of our industry. By creating a dedicated zone, we are delighted to make a space to show what has been achieved and the standards around which everyone can group.’


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