iRig devices gain Cubasis LE compatibility

Published: WORLD

iRig devices gain Cubasis LE compatibility

WORLD: IK Multimedia has announced a strategic partnership with Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH to enable owners of the former’s iRig hardware products to access the latter’s Cubasis LE feature set. Cubasis LE is a streamlined version of Steinberg’s Cubasis multi-touch sequencer for iPad.

Compatible IK Multimedia devices include the iRig Keys, Pads, Mic HD, Mic Studio, HD and Pro. and the iRig Pro DUO. Users of the iRig Pro DUO are afforded the capability to record multiple channels simultaneously when connected to Cubasis LE, each channel with an input gain control of its own, while outboard Midi controllers can be connected with the TRS to Midi-DIN cables included.

Cubasis LE functionality can be accessed by downloading the iOS app on an iPad and connecting one of the compatible iRig accessories when launched. Features include up to four audio and four Midi tracks, MicroSonic, a mixer with four effects processors, the ability to import audio from an iTunes library and two assignable physical inputs with a stereo output.

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