Latest Powersoft training comes to ProAudio-Central

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Latest Powersoft training comes to ProAudio-Central

WEB: ‘Powersoft is an investor in training,’ promises brand and communication director, Francesco Fanicchi. In 2012, Powersoft launched Sound School, an important educational initiative for the company that worked in two-ways: it set out a training programme for distributors – increasing their competence and facilitating greater knowledge of the manufacturer’s products and technologies – while also educating sound engineers through a series of events organised with distributors. In 2016, Powersoft is updating its educational offering, promoting and diversifying these training events with the introduction of webinars hosted on The Italian manufacturer feels the series is a powerful tool to reach the right target audience and let users easily engage with the company.

The aim of the Powersoft webinars is to maximise learning for systems integrators, rental companies and loudspeaker manufacturers by disseminating knowledge on fixed sound system design and live sound, all the while delivering information to ‘help anyone working in the professional audio markets to become more familiar with Powersoft products’.

In contrast to the Sound School training events that were conducted by Powersoft systems engineers, the upcoming webinar series will be led by ‘key players’ – respected and well-known Powersoft users around the world who are keen to share their knowledge about the latest technologies. They will also talk about projects, either permanent installations or live events, for which Powersoft products helped to solve a particular field application issue. Topics such as how installation costs have been reduced over time, and discussing the connectivity and integration of amps within a more complicated system are scheduled to be included.

‘We believe that there is no one more capable of highlighting the benefits of using our products than a person who has used them in their projects,’ explained Mr Fanicchi. ‘This is the best way to train and educate new engineers, letting them understand the reasons why our amplifiers are often the best choice for their applications.

‘Training is very important to Powersoft and we feel it has a vital impact on the industry in the medium-to-long term,’ Mr Fanicchi continued. ‘As a leading provider of innovative audio technology, Powersoft’s commitment is to support this dissemination of information and knowledge through audio-related topics and the upcoming webinar series – intended to efficiently support the professionals who work with Powersoft products and all those who wants to know more about us.’

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