Maat launches

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Maat launches

WORLD: Mastering Academy founder and renowned mastering engineer Friedemann Tischmeyer has established Maat Incorpated, an audio manufacturer of software and hardware aimed at production professionals with varying skill levels and budgets. The company’s headquarters are located in Santa Cruz, California and in addition to Mr Tischmeyer, is formed from a core group of pro audio veterans and entrepreneurs who possess a combined 150 years of experience in professional audio production, analogue and digital electrical engineering, DSP, product development, AI and global business management.

‘We will use that experience to accelerate complex engineering workflows with our time tested designs,’ said Mr Tischmeyer. ‘With considerable artificial intelligence knowledge within our team, we will also be focusing on applying that expertise starting next year.’

Maat has also partnered with the Pleasurize Music Foundation to take over the development of its TT DR Meter plug–in and the TT DR Offline Meter software. The newly formed company will also collaborate with Algorithmix to ‘modernise’ its Linear Phase parametric equalisers. Algorithmix president Dr Christoph Musialik will also serve on the Maat advisory board.

With the launch of its website, Maat has also made a free download of its 2BusControl metering and monitor controller plug-in available.

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