Marketing and R&D promotions at Genelec

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Marketing and R&D promotions at Genelec

WORLD: Genelec has made two senior promotions across its marketing and R&D departments. Howard Jones has risen to the role of marketing director from his former position as international project manager, while Jussi Väisänen has become principal engineer, having served as lead acoustic designer on the R&D team for several years.

Mr Jones is based in the UK and has been working in marketing, international distribution and sales for the last three decades. He gained experience in distributing Genelec products for the manufacturer’s UK partner, Source Distribution, where he was director of distributed brands before joining Genelec in 2016.

‘It’s such a privilege to work with a company that is so innovative,’ said Mr Jones. ‘I can’t think of a loudspeaker brand with more integrity or long-term vision than Genelec. As a marketing man, it’s a dream role and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the team here.’

Mr Väisänen first joined Genelec in 1999. ‘It’s hard for me to imagine another place where the dedication to R&D is higher than it is here,’ he said of his employer. ‘When we launch a new product, it solves a problem that has not been solved before. My role is to work with the teams across acoustics, mechanics, electronics and software to provide guidance and supervision when working on developing new products, systems and technologies, while steering the work and making sure long-term strategies and goals are met.’

Genelec managing director Siamäk Naghian commented on both promotions: ‘During his work at Genelec as international project manager, Howard proved his capacity to make things happen and find opportunities in even the most challenging of circumstances. Jussi has consistently demonstrated his ability and positive attitude, inspiring team-work and a constructive atmosphere. These attributes, combined with his high level of expertise and willingness to learn, have helped to propel our R&D team to new successes.’

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