Meyer Sound launches new website whilst revealing Summer of Love golden anniversary

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Meyer Sound launches new website whilst revealing Summer of Love golden anniversary

WORLD: The Summer of Love — 1967 — served as the epicentre of the counter-culture, beckoning thousands of young people to the San Francisco Bay Area. Flower Power was up, war was down, the Monterey International Pop Festival served as a precursor to Woodstock, and two young sound enthusiasts named John and Helen, went on a date at a Berkeley hi-fi shop to hear The Beatles’ seminal, psychedelic Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Throughout 2017, to celebrate both their love and the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, John and Helen Meyer will visit key Meyer Sound customers, host exclusive curated events in Meyer Sound environments at their Berkeley, CA campus in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere around the world. The Meyers aim to highlight their innovative, handcrafted audio products, systems and ideas for live music in concert halls, stadiums, corporate settings, educational arenas, theatres, houses of worship, restaurants, cinema postproduction and exhibition and fine art projects.

As a central hub for information about Meyer Sound innovation, products, ideas, and the Summer of Love 50th anniversary celebration details, the redeveloped and expanded Meyer Sound website was launched during ISE in Amsterdam. ‘To celebrate, we're creating an incredible programme for 2017,’ commented Meyer Sound co-founder and executive vice president Helen Meyer. ‘We will travel near and far to see our customers and creations and participate in exclusive experiences, to launch important new products, host listening experiences, increase our festival presence and collaborate with key touring partners and explore new Meyer Sound frontiers, such as China and India. We have some special surprises in store and can't wait to reveal them at just the right moments.’

The campaign kicked off in the iconic and somewhat symbolic setting of the John Lennon and Yoko One suite in Amsterdam’s Hilton Hotel on 7th February. A Facebook Live broadcast was streamed from the event to the new website followed by a Q&A with invited journalists and a champagne and canapé reception. Recalling the events of the 1968 Berkeley riots, John Meyer insisted that the Beatles had more of an influence on his career and persona than the political landscape of the time. ‘I remember walking through the riots and it was like being in a film,’ he recalled. ‘It was though I was there, but I wasn’t there as nothing happened to me personally whilst the protesters and National Guard did battle with each other.’

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