Nexo launches STM Partner Network

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Nexo launches STM Partner Network

WORLD: Nexo has established the STM Partner Network to provide owners and users of its STM modular line array solutions around the world with a platform to work both together and with the manufacturer. Aimed primarily at the touring and rental sectors, the programme will facilitate crosshire, subhire and collaboration between rental companies stocking STM systems.

The French manufacturer revealed that since the STM’s launch in 2014, more than 100 rental companies spanning more than 50 countries have purchased the solution. STM has also been specified for fixed installations of varying size, including theatres, arenas and stadia. The subsequent release of the M28 main module has reportedly resulted in smaller rental companies adding STM solutions to their rosters. The STM Partner Network will also provide members with an exclusive communications channel to contact Nexo’s engineering support team.

‘The modularity that is the hallmark of the STM Series makes it uniquely suitable for collaboration between rental suppliers,’ explained Val Gilbert, engineering support manager for touring and rental at Nexo. ‘It is easy for smaller companies to pool STM resources and be able to pitch together for larger festival and event contracts. There is no minimum entry requirement; any STM customer is automatically part of the club.’

A new ETC3 training course, which certifies STM operators, has also launched alongside the Partner Network. This explores the STM hardware and Nexo software, such as NS-1 and NeMo.

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