Powersoft hires Klas Dalbjörn as product manager

Published: WORLD

Powersoft hires Klas Dalbjörn as product manager

WORLD: Klas Dalbjörn has joined Powersoft as product manager, bringing aboard more than 24 years of industry experience gained at Music Group subsidiary, Lab.gruppen. The Italian manufacturer states that Mr Dalbjörn will ‘add considerable strength and gravitas to the development team, headed by co-founder and R&D director, Claudio Lastrucci’. The role itself covers the entire Powersoft product portfolio.

‘After 24 years in the pro audio business I felt ready to embrace a new challenge,’ said Mr Dalbjörn. ‘For many years I have been impressed by the level of innovation and growth of Powersoft. I share many of the values held by the owners, so I am very excited about contributing to the future growth of the company. I look forward to assisting in the process of growing the product portfolio to cover both new and existing applications for our global customers and partners.’

Powersoft’s sales and marketing director, Luca Giorgi, noted that the key ingredient in a sustainable business is its people. ‘This is particularly true in a professional industry which depends on personal relationships. Maintaining a dynamic and progressive one-on-one relationship with our clients and partners is key in consolidating our leadership in innovation,’ he said. ‘This has been our vision from day one, but we cannot implement this without highly skilled professionals like Klas who share our passion and ambition. He understands that what drives a company’s success is not just about having a revolutionary idea but those who contribute to making it real.’


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