Powersoft names new sales appointments

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Powersoft names new sales appointments

WORLD: Powersoft has announced the appointment of Fabio Lanini to the newly created position of sales account multimedia solutions, responsible for the Deva multimedia devices. Mr Lanini will join forces with recent recruit Massimo Minardi, who has undertaken the role of sales manager, OEM and M Systems.

Mr Lanini has a background in the PC board industry with widespread experience in the US. He has joined the manufacturer upon returning to Italy.

‘Coordinating the sales and inherent developments that arise from entering a new market represents a real challenge. In the long run Deva will prove to have been just the beginning, and as we expand the sales pipeline further into export markets, we aim to satisfy high demands of mass production with other solutions,’ commented Mr Lanini. ‘I am so pleased to have joined Powersoft, principally because the spirit that characterises this company is evident from the second you walk through the door. Constant innovation and the drive to continue pioneering new technologies is central to their ethos, and Deva represents just the start of this in the multimedia world. I think it’s going to be a fun ride.’

Mr Minardi is stated to possess ‘vast swathes of experience’, having worked as a sound engineer for rental companies and later as a product specialist and then product manager and R&D engineer for an Italian loudspeaker company.

‘Powersoft were looking for someone with loudspeaker experience to be mainly involved in selling the M-Force series worldwide in a role comparable to that of a product manager,’ explained Mr Minardi. ‘In addition, I’m in charge of OEM sales (of amp modules) in Asia. The Asian market is quite new for us, and it is a great challenge. What is really exciting for me is the incredible amount of technological innovation brought to the market and how much is planned for the future! I consider this to be unique at the present time. Therefore these are great opportunities in a company that is growing so quickly.'

‘Finally, we have been able to find a resource to handle a technological product like Deva that requires different skills and potentially takes us into target markets than those we are generally focused on,’ concluded Powersoft pro audio business unit manager, Luca Giorgi.


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