Powersoft training comes to ProAudio-Central

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Powersoft training comes to ProAudio-Central

Powersoft has announced a series of webinars in conjunction with ProAudio-Central, the online home of industry A/V magazines, Pro Audio Asia and Pro Audio MEA. A major development in Powersoft’s Online Training initiative, these live sessions will be conducted by renowned industry experts via online videos, and will be offered to audio professionals wishing to leverage Powersoft technologies and optimise their advanced tools for problem solving in field applications.

Powersoft training videos can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and all sessions are available free-of-charge. ‘Powersoft has been a committed investor in training since launching our Sound School in 2012,’ states brand and communication director, Francesco Fanicchi. ‘With these webinars we are now updating our educational offering by providing a powerful tool that will enable us to reach our users around the world and engage easily with the company.

Taking place in November and headed by industry figure Steven Kemland of FACE in Belgium, the first webinar will look at the challenges and limits with fixed installations and how to overcome them from an integrator point of view. Mr Kemland will use the recent Plopsaqua Park installation project as a case study, and together with the park’s technical director, will highlight the complexity of the site’s layout while providing insight into the previous setup and its main limitations. Further topics will include an overview of quick power saving techniques, the advantages of a single DSP platform, and possible future integration of the operator view and remote operator view in Powersoft’s Armoniá software. This is a unique opportunity for people to ask questions to a true international expert, as Mr Kemland will also answer a selection of questions from the audience.

The second session will be held by audio guru Dave Rat from Rat Sound later in the month, and will see him explain the setup for the 2016 Red Hot Chilli Peppers world tour, discussing how to maximise amp technology for one of the world’s biggest rock bands. A particular highlight of this session will be a focus on the Rat Sound SuperWedge, which has been specially-developed by Mr Rat and is driven by Powersoft X4s. Exploring the idea behind the monitor and the manufacturing process, as well as the routing and power requirements together with how the X4s have aided the design. Mr Rat has been a sound consultant and live sound engineer for some of the biggest acts in rock history, including the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, and Blink 182 to name a few. He is a writer for various professional sound magazines and has been invited as a speaker at international conventions such as AES.

Powersoft’s brand and communication director, Francesco Fanicchi, is to maximise learning for systems integrators, rental companies and loudspeaker manufacturers by disseminating knowledge on fixed sound system design and live sound – but beyond that, to deliver information ‘to assist anyone working in the pro-audio industry to become more familiar with Powersoft products’.

The major difference between this and the earlier Sound School training events which were conducted by in-house Powersoft systems engineers, is that the upcoming webinar series will feature respected and well-known Powersoft users around the world sharing their knowledge and experiences with the manufacturer’s latest generation technologies. ‘They will talk about projects, either permanent installations or live events, where Powersoft products helped to solve a particular field application issue for them,’ continues Mr Fanicchi.

‘We chose ProAudio-Central as the vehicle to host this important series, both because of its market outreach within the key EMEA territories and the responsible stance the portal has traditionally taken towards training and education,’ states the brand and communications manager.

The dates for the upcoming webinars will be announced soon. With a limited number of spaces available, those interested in the sessions are encouraged to register at the ‘Powersoft Training Portal on ProAudio-Central’ as soon as possible.


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