Procab refreshes online presence

Published: WORLD

Procab refreshes online presence

WORLD: Belgian cable manufacturer, Procab, has comprehensively redesigned its website with ease of use in mind. The new site offers functionality such as an advanced search engine, filters on the product pages, a cable configurator and a menu structure that means when scrolling through cable properties you can see which products contain the property.

‘It’s a sort of cable wiki,’ explained Tom Van de Sande marketing manager at Procab. ‘Thanks to the “cable properties” section, for the first time you are able to discover what different kinds of shielding are suited for and how you would benefit by using them.’

The manufacturer states that the extra information will help users make informed choices. It believes that while the majority of people will recognise cable icons on a spec sheet, having extra information, such as that spiral shielding is useful for an audio cable that needs some extra flexibility, will be advantageous.

The cable configurator function has been upgraded from the former site where it was limited to just connectors and cable length. The added filter means users can reportedly refine this down to factors such as a balanced XLR cable with a shrink sleeve and the largest inner conductor size possible. A further addition is that the configurator now also works on bulk cables.

‘In the past, we have seen customers having a tough time selecting the right cable for the job or struggling to find a cable with desired connectors,’ continued Mr Van de Sande. ‘That is why we have added an extensive filter on almost every page named the cable configurator. The cable configurator enables you to select any specification of a bulk cable or choose a connector on both ends so you would always find the right solution for the job.’

While ease of use for its end customers is paramount, the updated website also offers some extra benefits to the manufacturer itself. The new content management system powering the website allows Procab to automatically create spec sheets for all of its 4,000 products.

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