PSA grows and relocates

Published: WORLD

PSA grows and relocates

WORLD: Miniature microphone and headset manufacturer Point Source Audio (PSA) has relocated to new corporate headquarters in Petaluma, California. A mile away from its former offices, PSA’s new HQ provides 50 per cent more space – a necessity following the recent growth spurt, attributed by reported increased uptake of the company’s performance microphones and audio headsets.

The move has resulted in ‘a more efficient layout to support the company’s administrative and operational functions’, while also making more room for product development, sales and marketing and assembly. The new facility features larger warehousing and manufacturing areas, a requirement that forms part of PSA’s ongoing market growth and product development plans. This strategy is highlighted by the company’s patent for the design of the CM-i3 modular in-ear audio headset as well as the filed patent for the customisable fitted Embrace Microphone.

‘The expansion of our headquarters is the culmination of an exciting year of breakout products,’ explained James Lamb, PSA president. ‘We are honoured to be selected by a long list of distinguished microphone users that include the San Francisco Opera and the Berklee School of Music. This investment in our infrastructure underscores our commitment to both our customers and our employees.’

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