Puremix to present live stem mastering webinar

Published: WORLD

Puremix to present live stem mastering webinar

WORLD: Puremix is hosting a free online seminar comprising three videos presented by LA-based mastering engineer Mike Wells. The video seminar covers stem mastering and takes place on Saturday 13 May at 6pm GMT.

The event is sponsored by Sweetwater Sound and Dangerous Music and can be accessed for free by becoming a Puremix member at the following link: https://www.puremix.net/live/stem-mastering-seminar-with-mike-wells.html

Mr Wells has worked with several notable artists, including Prince and Green Day. He will explain how to deliver the maximum sonic impact while retaining the original mix engineer's intention and the artist's vision using stem mastering. Part one will provide an overview of what stem mastering is and why it should be used; the second video outlines the process from obtaining files from the mix engineer to preparing them, as well as tips and techniques; and the third part offers a step-by-step example of stem mastering in use.

‘A popular saying in the stereo mastering world is that you've got to give something to get something,’ said Mr Wells. ‘Those trade-offs are loss of transient detail, loss of punch, shifting instrument positions, and frequency build-up. What do you get for losing all that? Loudness! With stem mastering we are presented with an opportunity to use EQ, limiting and compression without those trade-offs.’


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