René Mørch returns to DPA as product manager

Published: WORLD

René Mørch returns to DPA as product manager

WORLD: DPA Microphones looks to gain from René Mørch’s previous experiences as he re-joins as product manager. He served as research and development manager at the company between 2006 and 2009. His newest role will include gathering information from the market through both internal and external sources, as well having an active part in the company’s short-term and long-term product strategy.

DPA Microphones was confident in its recent appointment. ‘We are thrilled to bring René back in this new role,’ explained Thorsten Reuber, interim CEO of DPA. ‘We’ve been experiencing exceptional growth and success in presenting new products to the public, and we are excited to continue this prosperity with René. We look forward to leveraging his knowledge and experience in the field.’

Mr Mørch also expressed excitement at the recent move. ‘I am so happy to be back working for DPA Microphones. My position links the commercial and technical parts of the company, which is exactly where I love to work. I look forward to using my knowledge of audio to assist a company that sets the highest standard for microphone technology.’

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