Restructuring ensues as Johannes Rietschel returns to Barix

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Restructuring ensues as Johannes Rietschel returns to Barix

WORLD: As Barix prepares to implement new product strategies across the vertical markets it caters to, including the pro A/V and broadcast sectors, the company’s founder, Johannes Rietschel, has returned, taking up the role of CTO. Upon his return Mr Rietschel has instigated a management restructure that has seen the hiring of new CEO, Ivo Killer, and Joan Parilla as VP engineering, while Reto Brader, who joined Barix in 2015 has been promoted from VP sales to VP sales and marketing.

‘I’m excited to return to Barix, working closely with the greater executive team and the growing staff to bring new and exciting innovations to market and to better serve our global systems integration, end user and OEM customer base,’ explained Mr Rietschel. While the organisation continues to focus on its established markets, it is expected that with Mr Rietschel and Mr Killer’s new appointments that Barix will reshape operations and product development.

Mr Killer, who replaces Frank Frederiksen as CEO, is also the COO of Barix’ sister company, Qibixx. With Barix having recently closed the doors of its German office, relocating customer support, engineering and internal sales staff to Zurich, those business areas will now work closely with existing Qibixx teams.

‘Ivo has clearly demonstrated his strength in managing people and organisations, which includes executive HR positions in the financial services space as well as in the telecom industry, since coming to Qibixx,’ said Mr Rietschel. ‘These strengths and his early success at Qibixx prove that he has the vision to lead and continue moving Barix forward.’

‘Qibixx uses the most modern technologies including IPv6, Bluetooth LE and RFID to develop highly innovative mobile, wireless and beacon solutions for large projects,’ added Mr Killer. ‘While Barix will remain an independent, separate entity, we fully intend to leverage the forward-looking technology innovations and engineering resources of Qibixx to move Barix’s traditional and emerging businesses into the next phase. This includes new product launches and enhancements for audio contribution and distribution in broadcast radio, location-based music and advertising delivery, paging and intercom, control and automation.’

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