Robe acquires RoboSpot

Published: WORLD

Robe acquires RoboSpot

WORLD: Robe has acquired the rights and IP for RoboSpot, a remote controlled follow spot solution, from lighting designer and programmer Seth Robinson of Sightline Design Group. The system facilitates the control of multiple moving heads and features offset calibration allowing all lights to focus on a single position or performer.

Mr Robinson initially developed the concept using automated luminaires. It consisted of a moving head pan/tilt camera mounted on the truss adjacent to the moving light which gave a first-person-view to an operator standing at FOH. Multiple moving lights could be controlled using one system with the offset calibration providing the ability to focus all lights on a single performer and position.

‘We saw the value and potential of Seth’s technology and have been in discussions since we first met in Nashville, Tennessee in April 2016,’ explained Robe CEO Josef Valchar. ‘It’s the first remote controlled follow spot system that is straightforward and easy to set-up and use, and I think it will be of great interest to lighting professionals looking for a cost-efficient and effective solution in numerous production scenarios. This would include stadiums, arenas, concert halls, theatres, TV productions and college and high school venues to name but a few.’

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