Rohde & Schwarz acquires Motama

Published: WORLD

Rohde & Schwarz acquires Motama

WORLD: Rohde & Schwarz has acquired Motama as it looks to expand the product offering of its subsidiary GMIT in live online content distribution. Motama specialises in products relating professional transmission via unmanaged IP networks and its RelayCaster protocol, which minimises packet losses to enable the quality-of-service conditions required for interruption-free transmissions, has driven the acquisition.

Motama’s products, including RelayCaster, are available as independent offerings from GMIT. Motama technology will also be integrated into the Rohde & Schwarz broadcast and media portfolio to create new cloud and software solutions. While joining the Rohde & Schwarz global sales network, Motama solutions will also remain available via its existing channels.

‘RelayCaster technology represents a major expansion of our broadcast and media division's current portfolio in the field of interruption-free transmission, and will impact future applications,’ explained Hannes Strobel, VP monitoring and headend at Rohde & Schwarz and managing director of GMIT. ‘This gives us the benefits of a fully established product in a highly promising market.’

Dr Marco Lohse, founder and managing director of Motama, is confident that his company’s technology will prove valuable in assisting Rohde & Schwarz to achieve its goals. ‘The structures and potential within Rohde & Schwarz offer optimal opportunities for the continued development of our products,’ he noted, as the acquisition provides Motama with added financial security and investment.

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