Sennheiser’s new look

Published: WORLD

Sennheiser’s new look

WORLD: Sennheiser has unveiled a new corporate design that includes the redesign of the company logo. The manufacturer will roll out the new logo and branding for its products during the rest of the year, starting with its flagship HE 1 headphones. All business and sales communications, including at events and in retail outlets will incorporate the new look immediately.

‘The characteristic “S” has been enhanced to make it more eye-catching and appealing. The outline around it is less immediately noticeable, giving the letter more space to shine,’ explained Oliver Berger, head of global design management at Sennheiser. ‘Both of these elements now flow into a unified whole, for a clearer, cleaner appearance. In the same way, we are refreshing our wordmark with a narrower font style that improves legibility. These careful yet crucial changes keep the logo faithful to the roots of the company while also making it look more elegant, modern and confident.’

Additionally, the German manufacturer has established a new ‘visual language’ across its communications. ‘Images that demonstrate the pride of Sennheiser’s technology-driven products will be placed alongside emotional images representing the joy of a superior listening experience,’ said Mr Berger. ‘This reflects our ultimate goal: to create emotions through cutting-edge technology.’

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