SMPTE reports on Time Code

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SMPTE reports on Time Code

WORLD: SMPTE has issued a pair of reports covering how the SMPTE Time Code standard is used and needs to evolve to serve as a more useful tool in media production and the usage of Time Code within the MXF file format. The two reports are the Time Code Summit Report and the Material eXchange Format (MXF) Time Code Study Report.

‘SMPTE Time Code is used extensively throughout production and postproduction,’ said SMPTE director of engineering and standards, Howard Lukk. ‘With the evolution of media technology since its introduction in 1975, it is showing its age in some areas. We are exploring ways to improve Time Code. The results of the Time Code Summit Report provide a better understanding of the drawbacks in its current use, in and beyond the conventional audio/video community, and of the direction we need to take in developing a new standard. At the same time, we’re using the MXF Time Code Report to clarify Time Code in MXF and how facilities can work with it more efficiently.’

The reports are both available at

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