Symetrix becomes MNA member

Published: WORLD

Symetrix becomes MNA member

WORLD: Symetrix has joined the Media Networking Alliance (MNA). The alliance promotes the adoption of the AES67 audio networking interoperability standard. The installed audio DSP system manufacturer, meanwhile, announced Dante-enabled DSPs within an upcoming Composer software release, which will further support AES67 at ISE.

‘As evidenced at ISE, integrators’ expectations of open standards interoperability are on the rise,’ said Dane Butcher, founder and CEO of Symetrix. ‘Symetrix looks forward to participating in the MNA and helping to advance the work of this most valuable organisation.’

‘We are very excited to welcome Symetrix to the Media Networking Alliance and we look forward to integrating them into our technical and marketing activities here at the MNA,’ Martin Barbour declared on behalf of the MNA. ‘We feel that this recent addition to our members list further demonstrates that networked interoperability outside of single vendor networked audio solutions is good for the industry and end-users, alike.’

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