Waves announces new licensing interface

Published: WORLD

Waves announces new licensing interface

WORLD: Waves Audio is replacing the current Waves License Center with Waves Central. The new interface will provide license management and plugin installation for Waves 9.6 and above and has been designed to simplify the activation and installation process.

Prior to this, users had to activate their licenses through the Waves License Center, then install the plugins using the online installer or (mainly on Mac OS’s) by downloading a huge installer file. With the release of Waves Central, activation and installation will both be done within the new interface. Users will no longer need to download installers. They will now be able to manually install the plugins they choose, or simply click on the ‘Easy Install & Activate’ button to automatically install all of their licensed plugins.

Waves Central covers installations and activations for full products as well as product demos, and provides online installation and activation solutions, as well as solutions for offline installation and for writing licenses to a USB device (for use with computers not connected to the internet). Waves users with an account login will be able to download the application for free from the Downloads section of the manufacturer’s website. The same login info will be used to log in to Waves Central in order to perform product installations and license activations.


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