4K Mosaic streaming

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4K Mosaic streaming

USA: Located along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, Mosaic is a church that welcomes congregants from all walks of life, both locally and from afar. In addition to those that attend its three weekly Sunday services, the church has amassed an international virtual following through its livestreams, podcasts and mobile app. With thousands tuning in to watch the sermons on its website as well as using the Andoid and iOS mobile apps, Mosaic recently looked into upgrading its video production environment to include 4K capabilities.

Sermons are streamed online four times a week, with the Mosaic website also hosting an archive of videos that worshippers can choose to watch on demand. The church’s sanctuary is designed as a ‘low lumen, theatrical type of lighting environment’, which creates a challenging video production environment. This, in addition to the fact that Mosaic’s founder and lead pastor, Erwin Raphael MacManus, wanted to future proof the church’s video content, led to the exploration of 4K streaming possibilities.

Mosaic turned to Sunnyvale-based systems integrator, VMI Inc, which evaluated the cameras and lenses available to determine the best solution on the market. ‘We found that Sony cameras equipped with Fujinon lenses produced the sharpest quality images in the church’s low lighting environment, making them an ideal fit for Mosaic,’ recalls John Delmont, systems sales and integration consultant at VMI. ‘Our company has forged a strong long-term relationship with Fujifilm Optical Devices, and we find their lenses to be consistently top-of-the-line.’

The solution resulted in the purchase of four lenses from Fujifilm’s Optical Devices Division, consisting of two UA22x8 4K 2/3-inch portable zooms, a ZK4.7x19 Cabrio 19-90mm lens and a ZK12x25 Cabrio 25-300mm lens. The UA22x8 portable lenses have been paired with Sony’s HDC-4300L camera, while the two Cabrio lenses are used with a pair of Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta camcorders.

‘We strive to be innovative in the ways that we use technology to convey our message and connect with our community,’ says Lawrence Fudge, executive pastor at Mosaic. ‘Our goal in this project was to create 4K productions from start to finish, and our Fujinon lenses have helped us to be one of the first worship centres to achieve that.’

Since the church’s investment, the cameras and lenses have been put to use for concerts as well as Mosaic’s weekly services.


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