A Next-level upgrade from Avix at Iksan Church

Published: WORSHIP

A Next-level upgrade from Avix at Iksan Church

KOREA: Approximately 200km southwest of Seoul is Jeollabuk-do, home to the Iksan Church. What started out as a 17-strong congregation comprised of just five families in 1975 has since grown substantially, and the church’s main sanctuary houses around 2,000 seats. Supporting this growth, church leaders looked to Korean distributor Avix Tech to provide an audio renovation. The solution for Avix was a Next-proaudio LA122 line array system.

With the main aim of the refresh to raise sound pressure levels inside the sanctuary while still maintaining good fidelity and speech intelligibility, Avix deployed hangs on either side of the stage each comprising four LA122 elements with two LA122Ws hung underneath for downfilll. Two of the Portuguese brand’s X12 full-range speakers are used as front fill, four X8 are hung as under balcony fills, two LAm112x are placed as stage monitor speakers and a further two HFA108 as control room monitors.

Power for the main hangs and fill cabinets is supplied by four Next MQ10000 amplifiers with two DP260 digital signal processors, while a single MA3200 drives the two stage monitors. All of the cabinets are finished in an ivory colour to match the interior décor.


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