A simple solution at Stonebridge

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A simple solution at Stonebridge

USA: Stonebridge Church of Omaha, Nebraska has opened a new campus in the neighbouring town of Fremont. The sanctuary is constructed in an A-frame design that is traditional of churches built in America during the mid 20th century. As such, it features plenty of reflective surfaces and wooden beams running across below the ceiling.

Mike Sessler from CCI Solutions was enlisted to design a sound solution for the sanctuary. ‘It’s a very beautiful space, but tough to get even coverage in terms of where to hang speakers,’ he says. ‘The whole room is all basically hard surfaces in terms of the walls and ceiling with wooden-backed pews and no sound treatment. So, we had to cover the back wall extensively and add some treatment to the sides to keep the echoes down.’

Mr Sessler designed and installed a solution comprising Martin Audio two CDD-Live 12 loudspeakers and a pair of CSX-Live 218 subwoofers. ‘The room is much longer than it is wide, but we were able cover the whole room very evenly with just two flown CDD-Live 12s,’ he explains. ‘The main is over the centre just beyond the stage and the delay about halfway back down the centre aisle. And because the church likes their low end, we have two CSX-Live 218 subwoofers flown over the front of the stage.

‘It’s quite remarkable because you can walk the rectangle which is twice as deep as it is wide from corner to corner in the seating area and it’s totally covered,’ Mr Sessler continues. ‘As it turned out, the CDD-Live’s asymmetrical coverage also worked very much in our favour. The horns are 110° wide in the nearfield and 60° in the far field and shaped so that the coverage is more rectangular than circular when you get to the edge of the coverage pattern. That’s why we can cover the room very evenly with just two speakers.’


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