A sonic pilgrimage for Korea’s Global Mission Church

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A sonic pilgrimage for Korea’s Global Mission Church

KOREA: The Global Mission Church (GMC) is headquartered in Bundang-gu, Seongnam city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Begun in 1994 as a church with 60 members, it is cited as having 20,000 regular attendees in two main locations in Korea and with affiliate churches in the USA.

In 2008, the GMC opened a spiritual retreat centre in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, the Pilgrim House. The facility includes a sanctuary, prayer and seminar rooms and a beautiful campus that is home to the 1km Pilgrim’s Progress Road, with a statuary that illustrates scenes from John Bunyan's allegorical 17th century Christian novel, Pilgrim’s Progress.

The Guri Chapel at Pilgrim’s House recently had a loudspeaker overhaul, with solutions from ISP Technologies installed by the USA loudspeaker brand’s new Korean integrator, KmTech. The Seoul-based consulting and integration firm, in business since 2009 and employing engineers with decades of experience, is headed by president and CEO Seung Hyun Kim.

For Pilgrim House, KmTech selected ISP Technologies LT1XF 3-way cabinets with Beyma High Fidelity drivers, High Definition Monitors (HDM) 112 cabinets, Vector FS full-spectrum cabinets, and High Definition Distributed System HDDS Ceiling speakers along with the HDDS BRC1 to power them (ISP Technologies patented, modern approach to applications traditionally served by 70V systems). ISP’s gear is manufactured in the United States on a foundation of over 30 patents.

The GMC reportedly was confident in their choice prior to installation, and found that confidence justified by the clarity of the installed system. ISP promotes its goal of excellence in vocal-band/mid-range clarity, and factory tuning each cabinet for ‘ruler flat’ performance, as a benefit for houses of worship.


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