Anniversary refresh

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Anniversary refresh

KOREA: At more than 110 years old, Pohang First Presbyterian church has a long and storied history. The church was established in 1905 with a small worship space. As the years passed and the congregation grew, the church moved to larger premises. The most recent move in 2007 saw Pohang First Presbyterian create a new building to house its expanding flock. As the 110th anniversary celebrations approached, the church saw the opportunity to refresh the sound system in its main sanctuary.

Measuring 35m x 30m and accommodating 2,500 worshippers, the sanctuary required a system that could achieve high sound pressure levels with high sound fidelity and good speech intelligibility throughout the venue. The church’s quest to find the right solution took it to Avix, the South Korean distributor of Portuguese loudspeaker manufacturer Next-proaudio.

Having evaluated the church’s needs, Avix designed a Next-proaudio solution that would be powerful enough to deliver the required SPLs yet still discreet thanks to its custom paint job. Ten LA12 line array speakers with four LAs218 subwoofers have been flown on the left and right side of the stage. The four subs have been flown behind the main arrays cabinets.

Four of the manufacturer’s X12 full-range speakers are in use as front-fills and choir-fill. Eight X8 cabinets cover under the balcony while X10 speakers cater to the upper balcony. Finally, four LAm112x are in use as monitors.

In terms of power, five Next-proaudio MQ10000 amplifiers cater to the low and medium frequencies of the main speakers, while a further five MA2300 amps look after the main speakers’ high frequencies. Four MD14000 amplifiers power the subwoofers with system management via four DP260 and one DP240 DSP processors. Both the upper and under balcony systems are powered by two MA2300 and a pair of MA3200 amps, while one MQ10000 covers the monitors.

Antonio Correia, Next-proaudio’s CEO and R&D manager, and Tiago Correia a sound engineer from the manufacturer flew to the city from Portugal to assist with the installation and commissioning. Every connection on the system was checked prior to rigging to ensure the best performance for the sanctuary’s new solution.

‘The system serves perfectly for the worship service,’ reflects Antonio Correia. ‘It performs great at any level and is consistent even as the level is pushed, with contemporary services running in a proper dBA range.’

With the anniversary celebrations completed, the church can look forward to many more years with its new solution.

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