Audio quality redeemed for Mass in Klang

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Audio quality redeemed for Mass in Klang

MALAYSIA: Mass is conducted at the Church of The Holy Redeemer almost every single day. It is a part of daily life for the Roman Catholic community in Klang and includes the singing of hymns and the listening of sermons as they are preached in addition to prayer. For those parishioners that attend services several times a week, an outdated and aged sound system meant that many were unable to clearly hear the preacher’s voice.

Aware of the problem, the church sought out a new solution to provide clear, intelligible sound reinforcement throughout the sanctuary. As well as the existing sound system being obsolete, the audio quality was also affected by the combination of traditional and modern interior design of The Holy Redeemer, causing uneven distribution. Tasked with remedying this was local Bosch dealer EV Distribution Sdn Bhd. The client had reportedly opted for a Bosch solution having heard of the brand previously and being impressed with the level of customer service received from EV Distribution Sdn Bhd once it had been approached.

The system installed comprised Dynacord loudspeakers, with units of the D15-3, C15.2, D8 and D8a deployed. The solution is powered by amplifiers from Dynacord’s SL-Series and controlled via a CMS 1600-3 mixer and DSP 260 digital signal processors. Meanwhile, Electro-Voice branded microphones were supplied as PC Desktop 18 and PL24S microphones were integrated alongside an RE2-N2 Wireless microphone system.

The installation has been hailed a success with the preacher’s voice now reaching the congregation in all corners of the building with even intelligibility. With the audio quality improved, it has been said that so to has the overall experience during Mass.

‘The new equipment is very easy to use and when put together, provides excellent audio quality for our worshippers during Mass,’ said The Holy Redeemer’s parish priest, Rev Fr Clement Joshua Lim. ‘We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the new sound system and how it has benefited our church.’

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