Clear comms over the Valley of the Sun

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Clear comms over the Valley of the Sun

USA: Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) operates seven campuses across Phoenix, Arizona with an average weekly attendance of 24,548. In addition to hosting so many at its physical locations the church also streams its services in full on its website.

To ensure communication between its A/V production staff members, many of whom are volunteers, CCV has installed Clear-Com LQ Series interfaces at all seven of its campuses. Each of the campuses has its own blend of Clear-Com intercom equipment which is interconnected via the LQ Series systems. This means that the intercom systems employed across the church now reportedly operate as a single solution.

‘When it came to LQ, it was a breeze to set up and link the intercom systems across multiple locations,’ says Andrew Gustafson, CCV’s production director. ‘We cannot do what we do without reliable communication. Sometimes we think, “my phone is just as good”, but it’s not an instant way to communicate; especially across multiple locations simultaneously. The LQ Series is an amazing tool that we use every week.’

The LQ solution ties the intercom systems together over an IP network. It is put to use during services and during the week while fine-tuning the production schedule. ‘At CCV, we are using the LQ Series to communicate with all of our campuses around the Phoenix valley,’ explains Mr Gustafson. ‘The LQ Series has provided us with a cost-effective way to ensure the highest level of communication for stream testing, communicating changes, and staying connected to each other during our services. The ability to integrate new and expanded technology with an older analogue system is ingenious. Most HOWs don’t have the budget to pull out a perfectly good analogue comms system and upgrade to the next best thing.’

‘Allowing our customers to leverage what they have in order to deliver a more consistent and improved production experience is an important part of our broader value proposition,’ says Kari Eythorsson, Clear-Com regional sales manager – Southwest USA. ‘We are pleased that Christ’s Church of the Valley was able to achieve this with our solution.’

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