Columns in an open space

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Columns in an open space

ITALY: The commune of Porto Torres lies within Sassari, the second largest city in Sardinia. And within Porto Torres is the newly constructed 8,000 sq-m Holy Spirit complex that comprises several multi-purpose halls and a sports area, in addition to the recently inaugurated Holy Spirit Church.

The church features an open-plan architectural design with a worship space that’s 36m wide and 16.5m deep, not counting the choir and chapel areas. A major challenge therefore presented itself when it came to selecting a solution for the church due to its open structure. The sanctuary lacked suitable installation points, with the perimeter walls, wide apart as they are, serving as the only available anchor points.

Tasked with providing the Holy Spirit Church with sound reinforcement was Sassari-based company, Costec, led by chairman Tonino Loi. Drawing upon its previous project experience, the installer selected RCF’s VSA column speakers as a viable solution. This saw a pair of VSA2050 columns installed on the side walls, one per side of the sanctuary, while a VSA1250 has been hung near the altar, providing reinforcement for congregants seated in the front rows. This setup, while small and simple, reportedly provides sufficient coverage throughout the space, due to the deep throw of the speakers and the 130-degrees horizontal dispersion they are capable of.

An additional VSA1250 column was installed was installed adjacent to the altar and serves solely as a monitor for the church choir. Monitoring in the sacristy is handled by a DM 41 two-way compact speaker and the small closed chapel beside the altar has been reinforced by a slim-line CS3082 column speaker with AM 1064 amplifier-mixer.

A control mechanism has also been setup to enable the steering of the audio signal towards the seating area and to avoid the sound spilling towards the ceiling or into the empty parts of the sanctuary. This also ensures intelligibility by removing interference from reflections and reverberations.

Outside, P2110-T coaxial two-way speakers have been installed on walls of the building to deliver audio to the churchyard. These include a perforated aluminium front grille and water-repellent fabric backing. ‘The P Series speakers are horn-loaded, so they guarantee efficiency and high directivity in an area as large as the external yard,’ notes an RCF engineer. ‘They are also weatherproof.’

The installation was reportedly conducted in good time and upon completion, has satisfied the church’s needs. The inauguration attracted approximately 1,500 worshippers, all of whom experienced the new sound system.

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