Congregational assistance provided at First Baptist

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Congregational assistance provided at First Baptist

USA: Kevin Stone, the worship leader at First Baptist Church in the Texas city of Groesbeck, sat through several loudspeaker demonstrations when the church decided to install a new reinforcement solution. With each passing option, what was presented was either not up to the standard the church needed, or exceeded the budget.

A member of the congregation then happened to see local installer Larry Rochelle playing with his band. ‘I've been using a K-array KR200 system for over 5 years for my band and it is still going strong,’ explains Mr Rochelle. ‘It never ceases to wow people and I get tons of compliments and inquiries.’

And another enquiry soon came Mr Rochelle’s way, as the church made contact. ‘I took my system to the church for a demo and there was no “selling” involved,’ recalls the installer. ‘They didn't even have to say anything; they could hear the difference and were sold.’

First Baptist purchased K-array’s Pinnacle KR202 portable system with a white finish so as to blend with the décor of the sanctuary. The subwoofers were set up on the stage for the church band’s bass player and drummer. Both use IEMs, and so the inclusion of the subs helps them to get a feel for the low frequencies. The Kobra loudspeakers were mounted either side of the pulpit with specially made brackets produced by another member of the congregation.

‘The array height worked perfectly,’ says Mr Rochelle. ‘We achieved the desired vertical coverage and kept the audible perception consistent with the visual sound source perception.’

With the installation complete the new system in use, church staff, including Pastor Stone and church administrator Spencer McDonald are reportedly impressed. ‘Those things are amazing,’ commented Pastor Stone.

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