Creekside Bible Church updates sound for modern worship

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Creekside Bible Church updates sound for modern worship

USA: Creekside is a non-denominational independent bible church in Castle Rock on the foothills of Colorado's Front Range. Having moved to a more modern sound for all its worship, Creekside Bible Church realised its ageing sound system needed updating to support services in which reinforced music plays a larger role.

The worship centre's low ceiling required loudspeakers small enough to avoid sightline interference, yet powerful enough to deliver high-fidelity music and intelligible spoken word uniformly to inspire the congregation.

The Church selected Kansas City-based systems integrator Harvest A/V Solutions to design and install the audio, video and lighting system upgrade. Harvest A/V’s Jason Holmes based the system design on left/right clusters of Fulcrum GX1295 12-inch and CX896 8-inch coaxial mains above the stage lip. ‘The GX1295 top cabinets handle the long throw to the back of the sanctuary and the CX896s provide fill for near field and centre aisle coverage while keeping sound energy off the stage,’ explains Mr Holmes. ‘I chose Fulcrum GX and CX boxes for their even coverage, extreme clarity and transparency.'

Mr Holmes credits Fulcrum’s ‘compact and lightweight’ coaxial cabinets with providing quality sound and pleasing appearance in the low-ceilinged room. Onstage, he shares, Fulcrums US212 Dual 12-inch subs ‘provide plenty of low end support. Fulcrum also provided processor settings that made for easy set up and tuning, as well as a system that sounded terrific right out of the box.’

‘The old sound system was hindering our ability to minister, and making it difficult to preach from the floor which helps me connect with the congregation,’ explains Pastor Torrey House. ‘Beyond solving our immediate sound quality and coverage challenges, the new system has the capacity to meet the needs of our planned expansion to double the sanctuary's size.’

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