Ensuring coverage throughout Temple Judea

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Ensuring coverage throughout Temple Judea

USA: Temple Judea is one of the largest Reform Jewish synagogues in the Los Angeles area. Located in the northern suburb of San Fernando Valley, it has served the local Jewish community for 65 years and due to continuous growth, underwent a complete campus rebuild and renovation that was completed in 2011.

The new sanctuary was named after Temple Judea’s former rabbi, Donald Goor, and designed to allow plenty of natural light to fill the wide, spacious room. Although visually pleasing as a contemporary worship space, the acoustics were not. The sanctuary featured ceiling speakers to cover both the main seating area and overflow seating areas, which struggled to cover the entire space.

To fix this, Temple Judea turned to Terry Stewart, president of Simon Productions. ‘It's a very wide room, with two large overflow areas on either side,’ Mr Stewart explains. ‘Coverage was spotty and inconsistent pretty much everywhere in the sanctuary. It's very difficult to achieve the kind of coverage needed with traditional point-source speakers, particularly into those overflow areas. In addition, there's a large cavity in the ceiling, about 1m by 2.5m tall; it's used primarily as a skylight, but it also created its own acoustical issues.’

Simon Productions decided upon a Renkus-Heinz Iconyx steerable array solution as a way to solve the problem. An Iconyx IC24-RN was installed on either side of the proscenium.

‘We chose the Iconyx primarily for its 150° horizontal coverage,’ recalls Mr Stewart. ‘With just these two IC24 columns, we were able to cover the entire sanctuary, even the overflow spaces. We were able to steer the beams right where we wanted the sound to go, and keep it away from the hard surfaces at the back of the room, away from the glass at the left and right of the room.’

Mr Stewart was happy with the results and reports that the client was too. ‘It was really a pleasure to be able to see the system perform so quickly, and be able to address every one of our needs so easily,’ he says. ‘The Iconyx system covered every seat in the house.’


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