Equippers Northshore Campus upgrades with Roland

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Equippers Northshore Campus upgrades with Roland

NEW ZEALAND: After five years of experience with a Roland M300-based digital audio system, Equippers Church has upgraded its Northshore Campus with a Roland M5000 live mixing console. Also added were Roland REAC digital stage boxes.

Equippers Northshore campus’ audio requirements had outgrown the existing small, portable M300 system. It was also looking for a platform that could meet all its current audio needs but could be expanded to meet the largest of audio requirements. The system needed to interface with other digital audio systems, as currently other campuses rent various technologies for Sunday services and larger events. Being long time users of Roland audio equipment Equippers Church turned to Aukland-based Gencom, a system design firm, integrator and Roland Systems Group technology partner.

Gencom worked with the church to find the best solution for its growing A/V needs. The chosen console would be used not only for their weekly services, but also for larger conferences and the youth based-Revolution tour events. It would need to be able to support 64 channels of 96kHz audio and interface with existing Midas Pro and Yamaha consoles via Dante.

Equippers’ search coincided with Roland’s launch of the M-5000 for the New Zealand market. The desk is built around a new internal infrastructure dubbed OHRCA (Open High Resolution Configurable Architecture; pronounced ‘or-ca'). Roland says the OHRCA core brings adaptability to the world of live audio mixing by conforming to the needs of both the application and the operator via 128 freely definable audio paths, expandable protocols, multi-format I/O choices, and flexible user interface and workflow — all delivered at 24-bit/96kHz resolution. The Roland M-5000 console's internal mix architecture is not fixed and can be freely defined within the upward limit of 128 input/output channels/busses. According to Roland, this allows users to essentially ‘build’ a console structure based on the immediate needs of the application, making for a console that accommodates high levels of flexibility for precise response to dynamically changing applications and venues.

The church was concerned about the risk of being first to market with a new model, and that its crew would have to learn an entirely new system. Gencome assured local support, backed by Roland’s regional support base. Equippers’ Northshore production team was able to reuse all of the current investment in Roland snakes and M-48 monitoring systems. Said Brent Smart, Equippers’ lead audio engineer, ‘We are very happy with both the quality of the M-5000 system and the audio it produces. The M-5000 system has proven to be easy to operate, and like all of our existing Roland systems, very reliable and as the system is highly expandable will provide all our audio requirements for years to come.’


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