Expanding sound at Kayros Church

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Expanding sound at Kayros Church

SPAIN: Kayros Church in Barcelona recently relocated to a new, larger sanctuary. It began life seven years ago with the same number of congregants and rapidly grew to the extent that its new church accommodates up to 1,000 churchgoers.

To ensure that all seated throughout the large space could clearly hear what was being said during services, while also allowing the auditorium to be used as a concert venue, the church explored the options for installing a loudspeaker solution in the new building. The requirement was for a system that would deliver balanced SPL coverage throughout the auditorium and a K-array setup was chosen for its intelligibility in reinforcing the spoken word and music.

The setup comprises eight Mugello-KH2 loudspeakers, four of which are installed as the main PA in a two-per-side L-R configuration, while another pair supplies front-fill and the remaining two serve as extreme side-fills. The KH2s are complemented on the low end by three Mugello-KS5 subwoofers.

Dani Castellan, the installer, used EASE Focus software to simulate the setup prior to deployment. The installation took only 30 minutes. Tuning was done by Pablo Manoukian of K-array Latin America using Smaart 7 software and an Audix TM1 test and measurement microphone.

‘We're extremely happy with each step of the audio solution provided by K-array for our auditorium,’ says Father Jhon Alexander Arguello, pastor at Kayros Church. ‘The quality of the audio is first class. The first time we heard the systems we felt like we were in heaven. We’re very thankful to the brand and all the K-array team.’


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