First Church Coral Springs’ lightning upgrade

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First Church Coral Springs’ lightning upgrade

USA: The city of Coral Springs is located in southern Florida, and as such, is subject to the extreme weather conditions that are apt to affect that particular corner of America. First Church Coral Springs has been serving the city’s Methodist community for almost 50 years and in that time has grown substantially and in the present day, holds its services in a much larger main sanctuary than when it was founded in 1969. This means that the church relies upon video reinforcement to ensure that the entire congregation can clearly see the services.

Trouble struck recently. This was in the form of lightning to be more specific, which caused technical issues for the church. First Church Coral Springs had already been in contact with Cape Coral-based A/V installation company Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions to install new solutions at its original sanctuary, known as Robey Hall. Following the lighting strike to the main sanctuary, the installer was provided with additional work.

‘We were already planning on the install for the Robey Hall, but about two weeks before that scheduled installation, the main sanctuary, which is located in an entirely different building, took a direct lightning hit,’ recalls Rob Robinson, system designer at Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions. ‘After some extensive late night troubleshooting with the client via Facetime, we uncovered numerous issues in the video system. Lightning is a very complicated thing and it may hit something very hard while leaving others entirely untouched. In this case, the audio system was fine, but every video component was either shot, or somehow stressed and not operating properly. So we decided to order replacement items and simply combine both the Robey Hall and the main sanctuary projects into a single endeavor.’

Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions installed two Eiki EK-600U DLP projectors, serving as front projectors, and an EK-601W for confidence monitoring, helping the pastor or anyone else that speaks to the congregation to stay on point.

‘Lucky for us, Eiki jumped into the details to help determine what would be suitable replacements,’ explains Mr Robinson. ‘Better still, we were able to have three projectors that have the same technology, so the rear facing confidence display now looks like it matches the main displays. Previously, the church had two different brands in use and the inconsistent image quality really bothered me. With these new Eiki projectors, that’s a thing of the past.

‘The EK-600Us hang from the ceiling using Chief CMA700 adjustable poles in conjunction with a Chief universal mount attached directly to the projector,’ he continues. ‘Both units face the front of the space and project onto 12-foot wide motorised screens. The EK-601W faces the rear of the space behind the congregation and projects directly onto the white painted wall. Even projecting onto the wall, it looks great. For the confidence display, we used a Chief CMA395 angled ceiling plate, dropping a 5-foot-long, 1.5-inch steel pipe to another Chief universal mount.’ Meanwhile, an LC-WBS500 projector was installed on one of the old wooden beams that across the ceiling.

Assisting Mr Robinson on the project was Eiki’s national sales manager, Steve Rubery. ‘Steve helped us with the calculations and made certain that everything would be flawless,’ tell the system designer. ‘Eiki’s customer support services have always been excellent and this is yet another example of that commitment. The new projectors fit the screens far better than the ones we replaced, so the overall result is one of bright, clear, visually appealing images, lyrics, and related content that really helps engage the congregation. Our client couldn’t be happier.’

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