Freedom of movement during performances of Ramlila

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Freedom of movement during performances of Ramlila

INDIA: Ramlila is a dramatic re-enactment of the life of Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, and culminates in a retelling of the 10-day battle between the titular protagonist and Ravana, the tale’s antagonist who is depicted as the demon king of Lanka, Rakshasa. Ramlila, which can be referred to as Rama’s Lila or Rama’s Play, is often performed during Sharad Navratras, which marks the beginning of the Autumn festive period, starting with the Dussehra festival. Performances are often staged to take place in time with Vijayadashami Day, significant for Rama’s victory of over the demon king. The actors will then usually form a procession throughout the city or town that the play has taken place in, until the town square or a central point is reached where the final battle is acted out.

For a recent production of Ramlila in New Delhi, pro audio rental company, DJ Devil, was called upon to supply an audio solution. The event, which is described as the ‘most prominent and popular’ version of Ramlila in the region, is organised by the Dwarka Sri Ramlila Society.

To cater to the necessary audio requirements, DJ Devil deployed its newly-purchased JTS CM-214i omni-directional headset microphones, which allowed the performers freedom of movement while being heard by the entire audience. The rental company's new JTS inventory was purchased from Decibel Pro System, the official JTS dealer in the region that also serves as a reseller for brands such as Mackie and Dynatech, all of which are represented in India by Sonotone as a distribution partner.

‘The purchase of the JTS CM-214i headsets by DJ Devil clearly depicts their focus and intention to provide a world class vocal audio solution for their events, and it is so heartening to learn that a highly reputed and large-scale event like the one organised by the Dwarka Sri Ramlila Society treated their audience to crystal clear microphone audio delivery thanks to JTS,’ reflects Vishal Sancheti of Decibel Pro Systems. ‘JTS products, being so easy to use and extremely high on performance and quality, have received amazingly positive feedback from the rental market at large and we’re so glad to learn that many of the prominent players in the market are looking up to JTS as an undisputed true value for money brand.’

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