Imagen opens an online video Gateway

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Imagen opens an online video Gateway

USA: The aim for British video management solutions provider Imagen Ltd, formerly known as Cambridge Imaging Systems, is to assist organisations in effectively archiving, storing and managing their video content. Its clients include such institutions as the BBC and the British Library and its flagship system, the Imagen Enterprise Video Platform, is designed to help in navigating ever growing media libraries via a customised website.

One of Imagen’s latest clients is the Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas. The US-based church wanted to create an online content library for over 30 years of teachings in its archive from renowned pastor, Dr Jack Hayford. Entering into an initial year-long contract with the British company, Gateway has been installed with a 1TB system to provide a working legacy, housing audio as well as associated written content. The size of the system is expected to grow as uploads to the platform continue.

The solution is an out-of-the-box archive platform that can be customised to suit particular needs. For example, Imagen has supplied Gateway with a fully-managed web-based subscription platform and additional CPU to keep up with potential demand of extra users. The customised solution also includes a built-in subscription and donation model.

‘After taking a thorough look into the sort of solution we needed, it was obvious the answer for us was through a custom web development company,’ explains Brett Huckins, executive director of technology at Gateway Church. ‘Imagen’s out of the box solution was perfect for us as it provided the flexibility for the library to grow. It also cut down costs significantly compared to a third party building a custom system from scratch.’

‘By working with Imagen, Gateway has the security of a platform which is built upon widely recognised open source technologies and used by many leading organisations worldwide,’ says Imagen CEO Tom Blake. ‘We are immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve for Gateway and look forward to further serving them as their library grows.’

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