JPCC clears coverage for its congregation

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JPCC clears coverage for its congregation

INDONESIA: Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC) began with a small prayer meeting of 10 young adults in 1996, known then as the Jakarta Praise Center – Youth Ministry. The congregation quickly grew from its initial congregation of 10, and in 1999 was given the name it carries to this day under the denomination of Jemaat Kristen Indonesia, as JPCC was formally founded by Jeffrey and Angela Rachmat and Jose and Hanna Carol.

In the two decades that have passed since those early meetings, JPCC has expanded dramatically, with a congregation today comprising 15,000 worshipers. Services are run in the afternoon and weekend in UpperRoom Jakarta, a multi-purpose venue in the Thamrin district, while morning services are held at The Kasablanka, which is located in the Kota Kasablanka Mall.

When JPCC recently commissioned a new sound solution for its Kasablanka site, it looked to Adamson’s E-Series and approached Indonesian distributor Big Knob Audio due to prior experience with the manufacturer’s systems. Local rental company Soundworks had provided E15, Metrix and S10 systems for one-off events at the church previously and the Kasablanka venue itself.

The new solution comprises 14 E12 loudspeakers, flown seven per side. The E12 proved a perfect fit for the extremely wide Kasablanka venue due to its wider coverage in the horizontal plane compared to the narrow E15. Meanwhile, handling the lows are six E119 subwoofers per side, while Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44 amplifiers power the entire system.

‘The sound is much more clear and even,’ says JPCC creative director Randolph Manoe. ‘Previous dead spots have been completely eliminated and the sound at the very back still feels intimate and not overpowering during praise and worship.’

JPCC’s head of service and programming, Bertha Sinaga, backed up Mr Manoe’s claims, having put them to the test: ‘Since the installation was completed, we have sat in a different spot every week,’ she explains. ‘The new installation has provided even coverage and consistent sound quality throughout the congregation.’

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